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Школа постановки Dance "Paxful" первого свадебного танца "Данс-Элит"  Свиблово, ВДНХ, Ботанический Сад

  • Dance Paxful - rhythmic, expressive movements, usually lined up in a certain composition and performed with musical accompaniment. Dance is perhaps the oldest of the arts: it reflects the need of man to pass on his joy or grief to others through his body. Almost all important events in the life of primitive man were marked by dances: birth, death, war, the election of a new leader, healing of the sick. Prayers for rain, for sunlight, for fertility, for protection and forgiveness were expressed through the dance. Dance couples (French pas - "step") have their origins from the main forms of human movements - walking, running, jumping, jumping, jumping, slipping, turning and swinging. Combinations of such movements gradually turned into a pair of traditional dances. The main characteristics of the dance are rhythm - relatively fast or relatively slow repetition and variation of the main movements; drawing - combination of movements in a composition; dynamics - variation of the range and tension of movements; technique - the degree of body possession and skill in performing the main pas and positions. In many dances gesticulation, especially hand movements, is also of great importance.